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Custom Labels

For our represented winemakers and wineries:

We believe that everything that goes into a bottle of wine – the terroir, the cultivation, the fruit, and most importantly, your history and passion, is what make you a singular artisan. You are individuals ― not simply part of a faceless wine industry. Every bottle reflects your own distinct interpretation of varietal and blend. You have a unique story to tell, and by blending technology and community, we will bring you to the table with those who enjoy your craft – to tell the stories and share the passion like never before.

Blending Table Core Values

The following statements represent our core values; those fundamental principles that drive our business, our vision, and most importantly serve as the very underpinnings of our culture. They are not loosely set nor easily altered to fit the situation at hand-no matter the consequences or convenience. These core values drive the heart and soul of our company.

  • Celebration: Wine – at its core – has been a medium through which life has been celebrated for millennia. Each and every day, we celebrate life together with our partners and customers, and truly appreciate how wine touches our lives in distinct and remarkable ways.
  • Passion: We believe passion is required to do anything worthwhile. We labor tirelessly not only to reaffirm and build on our own personal passions, but endeavor to ignite the passion within each of our partners and customers.
  • Integrity: We build sustainable relationships centered on the beliefs that integrity, mutual respect and long-term vision will keep our business, partnerships, and our industry healthy. We treat everyone with fairness and respect, and expect for those values to be reciprocated. We are committed to honesty and clarity in communication, and firmly believe it serves our business and ultimately our customers well.
  • Innovation: We believe innovation must be embraced in order for any industry to remain vibrant and relevant. We are passionate trailblazers looking to add technology where none has previously existed, or simply iterate where it will add value. We believe through innovation we can serve as the catalyst to revitalize the distribution, bottling and delivery of wine to better serve our winemaker partners and customers.
  • Community: The very definition of the word foretells the importance we place on community. It is the fiber that binds us to one another through location, beliefs or interests. We strive to build not only vibrant local communities that are free to discuss, teach and share the specific aspects of their region, but we intend to cultivate a national and global community centered around the celebration of life through wine without the pretense often associated with our industry.